ignio™ for Batch

Batch Jobs and automated workloads are the backbone of many enterprise businesses. The complexity and sheer size of the workloads required for day-to-day operations catches many operations groups by surprise. What’s not surprising is that ignio™ is there to help.


Learn  | Resolve | Prevent


Because Batch workloads can number in the hundreds of thousands for an Enterprise, ignio’s ability to learn your business and keep your processes in check saves time and allows you to focus on what’s important: growing your business, not simply maintaining it.


ignio™ for Batch creates a Blueprint of entire operations, from end-to-end and across all data streams, using dependency information along with historical data to generate a model to help you better understand, and thus control, your business.  This model captures the hierarchy of business functions, from applications to infrastructure, so that you can see what is happening and test changes to learn even more about your processes without affecting existing operations.

Normal Behavior Characterization

ignio for Batch uses Precedence Rules, Grouping, and Business Constraints to understand your environment and determine which processes are more important.  It knows how long each process stream should take and which results are needed before other processes can start.

By understanding your business context, ignio allows you to focus on your business while it focuses on keeping your business running.

Enterprise Systems Integration

ignio readily integrates with existing Enterprise batch and workload automation systems, and because the modeling can be done independently of the workload automation, ignio for Batch can provide benefits even for proprietary systems.


ignio™ for Batch graphs all dependencies, allowing users to see the upstream causes of problems quickly and easily.  By identifying jobs that have critical dependencies and analyzing the history of alerts for each stream, ignio cuts through the noise and helps you focus on vital issues to keep the business running.  Spend the time resolving issues, not finding them.

Intelligent Root Cause Identification

ignio can intelligently identify problem root cause in a matter of minutes compared to potential hours or even days to try figure out the problem. When an outage occurs, ignio leverages the Blueprint and Normal Behavior Characterization data to automatically search for the problematic areas. ignio starts from the top of the technology stack and query whether the various entities are functioning normally compared to the metrics captured during the normal stage. This checking is performed continuously until the root causes are identified.

Aggregate, Correlate and Prioritize Events & Alerts

IT is inundated with a high number of alerts as a result of static thresholds set in the various monitoring systems. ignio prioritizes alerts that can have an immediate negative impact on the business. It understands how alerts from different monitoring systems are associated with the root cause and therefore suppresses the unnecessary alerts. This prevents the IT team from getting overwhelmed with a plethora of redundant alerts.


ignio™ for Batch uses learned information to predict failures and identify risks even before changes are made. It also allows operations to perform complex “What if?” analyses in minutes, not just saving time, but helping avoid major issues by simulating hypothetical scenarios without having to touch your real-world environments. Optimize your business with confidence, knowing that ignio is there to guide you away from problems.

Prevents Failures through Scenario Simulations

It is almost impossible to implement changes that affect thousands of jobs without at least a few problems.  ignio allows you to test your changes without affecting production environments, allowing you to see the results in minutes and helping you find problems before they become reality.

Predicts Potential Performance Risks

ignio utilizes multiple algorithms and techniques to identify processes that deviate from normal, notifying you in advance of potential issues.  In addition to showing what future problems may exist, ignio’s workload simulations identify changes that may cause existing processes to violate business SLAs.