ignio™ for SAP

Businesses running SAP often rely on it as the core of their operations, which exposes them to a high financial risk if any problems were to occur. In order for SAP technology to run effectively, everything from platforms to database and network connections must be running efficiently.

ignio™ is SAP certified and enables proactive performance monitoring – from the front end to the data center – so that problems can be detected early enough for you to take action.


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ignio for SAP creates a unified and real time enterprise view that identifies relationships between different entities and shows the links between modules, applications and infrastructure.


Blueprint is a process where ignio maps out the relationships of nodes, application functions, infrastructure components and business operations within the enterprise environment. This can be as simple as a topology for a single multi-tier application or as comprehensive as a 360-degree view of your environment.

ignio for SAP Blueprint captures the following:

1. Business Process Hierarchy
2. Technical Bill of Materials
3. Entity Relationship Model (end-to-end sales purchase cycle)
4. Deployment Hierarchy


Reduce the time to resolve typical errors by 80% with ignio for SAP by applying critical patches, fixing IDoc errors, and automating basis management tasks.

IDoc Management

Every morning SAP specialists are busy performing ready-for-business checks of critical interfaces such as IDocs and sanity check transaction codes to gauge the issues, stability and availability of the environment. A typical day could consist of 500-1000 IDoc failures!

Not only does ignio monitor IDocs and prioritizes failed IDocs based on their business impact, it automatically fixes the data inconsistencies and reprocesses them where possible. In addition, a convenient IDoc check dashboard provides additional insights such as the following:

Status Wise Summary
Failed IDoc: Business Process Wise Summary
Failed IDoc: Partner Wise Summary
Failed IDoc: Reprocessing Summary
Failed Recurrence Summary
Error Code Wise Summary

Patch Updates

SAP issues weekly updates – in the form of notes –  which can become a laborious task for your administrator depending on the complexity of the environment. ignio is able to intelligently identify the notes that will impact critical business processes and key software components – and apply the appropriate patches.

Basis Management

Whether it’s configuring, monitoring, tuning, or troubleshooting the SAP technical environment, ignio for SAP is able to analyze the situation and provide a problem resolution.  Its intelligence stems from an extensive pre-built library of basis management tasks that cover over 50% of potential tickets.

  • Transport Management
  • User Administration
  • Rules and Authorization
  • Security Audit
  • System Uptime
  • Health Checks
  • Jobs Management
  • ABAP Dumps


By understanding the normal behavior of business processes and predicting the impact of failures, ignio can fix problems before they happen. This ensures that your business is always protected against accidental non-compliance errors.


In a constantly changing environment, manually managing SAP configurations can lead to serious omissions which may result in severe security, compliance or quality mistakes. By automating critical configurations within the core of the ECC and performing compliance checks 24/7, ignio mitigates system security and operational risk while performing audits according to specific organization and industry standards.

Capacity Prediction and Planning

ignio helps you plan ahead by effectively managing work process utilization. It applies normal behavior and predictive analytics to recommend, in real-time, an appropriate number of work processes in proportion to the number of SAP users to stabilize and reduce dialogue response times.