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The Rise of a Chief Automation Officer February 6, 2018

In order to avoid being disrupted or becoming obsolete in the near future, businesses are rushing to adopt digital business strategies.

According to Tom Koulopoulous, author and founder of the Boston-MA, based think tank, Delphi Group, devices increase by one order of magnitude every decade. Understanding what our future hyperconnected world will look like is challenging because we lack the shared experiences and behaviors to discuss it. Expectations are increasing and executives are consistently retooling their expectation sets to keep up with consumer demand.

Many have created new roles such as chief digital officer (CDO), to put together a digital enterprise plan. However, just as soon as they are building up their competencies around being a digital enterprise, they immediate realize their demand on IT has become exponentially more complex to support their digital transformation.

As a result, we are beginning to see the emergence of the chief automation officer, CAO.

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Alex Hickey

May the IT continuity be with you: What Star Wars can mean for tech December 18, 2017

The economic value of uninterrupted and fast IT service cannot be undervalued. For example, an internet that’s twice as fast would translate to a 0.3% rise in U.S. economy growth alone.

Many industries are already turning to AI to improve baseline operations and continuity. For example, the airline industry is using AI and ML to run simulations, monitor infrastructure and alert employees if something is wrong and automate workload and resiliency programs.

Most respondents said they would not leave “Star Wars” to handle an IT outage. Other major events, such as the Super Bowl or an eclipse, can also tax IT infrastructure and workforces. More reliance on AI-based systems to monitor IT can help offset the distractions of a human workforce.

ARC Advisory Group

Analytics and Digital Transformation Front and Center in Boston October 5, 2017

As one of the ARC Analysts focused on upstream and midstream oil & gas it was great to learn more about how TCS is leveraging ‘cognitive automation’ through its solutions such as Ignio, an product that provides some very powerful horsepower through its self-learning capability, empowered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), that can move customers from predictive maintenance to prescriptive maintenance, thereby extending the life (and availability) of an asset such as a pump or compressor and also optimizing that asset’s performance and the process for which it is being utilized. I know first-hand that TCS is successfully helping customers in Australia with pump optimization and increasing pump availability as well as, more importantly, helping to increase the customer’s gas processing operations by saving over 100-man days per year, reducing pump downtime and increasing production. Harrick Vin, Global Head of Digitate, explained that he envisions advanced analytics platforms such as Ignio as being technology being augmented by people and one that is capable of learning over time.

TCS Japan Launches ignio™, AI for IT Operations September 14, 2017

Tokyo | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, today announced the launch in Japan of ignio™, the company’s award-winning cognitive automation solution for IT operations.

ignio™ ’s pre-built knowledge on IT applications and infrastructure enables it to focus on delivering smarter and faster decision-making by building contextual awareness of the business environment in which it is deployed. The resulting clarity in the state of IT operations allows enterprises to predict and prevent problems with greater speed and accuracy and produce marked improvements in operational efficiency, thus allowing organizations to become more agile, robust and productive.

When system outages occur today, businesses dedicate vast resources to rectify the problem. Oftentimes, multiple teams are called together to identify the root cause and devise resolution plans. This can take several hours and sometimes days. ignio™is able to rapidly identify the same root cause within minutes and is even able to resolve the problem autonomously.

While we believe that many enterprises in Japan have started on the journey to transform in the new digital economy by leveraging forces like AI, we have observed globally that many AI products today require long learning cycles,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, TCS’ Head of Global Sales for Software Products. “Instead, we prebuilt ignio™ with IT application and infrastructure knowledge, therefore allowing ignio™ to begin delivering value in less than six weeks.”

Norikazu Sekino, Head of IT Infrastrcuture Services, TCS Japan commented, “We are confident that ignio™ can very quickly deliver clear benefits for corporations running large IT operations and feel that AI driven business-operations will be of significant impact in Japan. To this end we are buoyed by the promising results of our initial pilot with Mitsubishi Corporation and also see ignio™’s recent achievement of certified integration with SAP ERP as a boon for expansion in Japan.”

Speaking on Mitsubishi Corporation’s experience with ignio™, Mr. Takeshi Higuchi, General Manager, IT Planning Department comments that, “We have been thoroughly satisfied with ignio™’s results and the speed with which they were delivered through this pilot. Not only has ignio™ reduced incident recovery time by thirty percent, it has also slashed incident response work volumes in half, and all but eliminated human error. Through full scale adoption we foresee ignio™ helping to optimize utilization of IT-investment resources. In our view, the flow-on effects of IT system stability will contribute not only to improved work efficiency and reduced workplace errors, but also to the creation of business value.”

In the two years since ignio™ ’s launch in June 2015, it has grown to intelligently manage over 1,000,000 infrastructure resources for various Fortune 500 enterprises globally. TCS Japan has established a strong team of local engineers and support personnel to begin delivering ignio™ to customers in the Japanese market.



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Joe Kornik

One on One with Digitate’s Victor Thu August 23, 2017

If your organization hasn’t already implemented some form of artificial intelligence, odds are that it’s right around the corner. IT is the core of many organizations’ ability to operate, and ensuring smooth operation of that function is critical. Artificial intelligence products are starting to carry a lot of that load. Digitate, a venture of Tata Consulting Services, helps clients implement Ignio, a proprietary product designed to solve IT operational challenges within the enterprise. Consulting sat down with Victor Thu, Global Head of Marketing and Product Marketing for Digitate to discuss the evolution of AI’s place in the enterprise and where he sees that trend line going in the future.

TCS Recognized as a Leader in IT Infrastructure Services Automation by Everest Group July 18, 2017

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, has been recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Everest Group’s report, “IT Infrastructure Automation – Market Update and PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for Solutions”.

The report highlighted TCS’ ignio™ cognitive automation solution for enterprise IT, as a simple, yet effective value proposition for IT Operations. ignio enables smarter and faster decision making, allowing enterprises to predict problems. It combines disparate, but interconnected business applications and their underlying infrastructure to derive insights and to perform actions autonomously. In addition, Everest Group cited the enhanced value proposition of TCS’ managed services, reinforced by significant cost reduction targets, as a key strength attributing to its leadership position.

TCS Launches AI for SAP Operations June 15, 2017

NEW YORK | MUMBAI, June 15, 2017: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions firm, today announced that it has launched ignio for SAP ERP to help customers run their operations in SAP more efficiently and effectively. ignio has also achieved certified integration with SAP ERP.

ignio reduces knowledge gaps across operational teams and technologies, resolves common errors affecting critical business processes, and removes the complexity associated with SAP Basis Management. As such, ignio becomes an “intelligent virtual expert,” in understanding how customers use SAP ERP for business operations and significantly enhancing the value of customers’ investments in the SAP platform.


At last AI for enterprise IT June 26, 2016

Amid all the noise and excitement about artificial intelligence, the world’s first cognitive computing system for enterprise IT is providing companies with practical benefits that can revolutionise their operations

Computer Business Review

Can neural networks be the smart solution to ‘dumb’ automation? May 27, 2016

Analysis: TCS’ chief scientist explains to CBR how neural automation systems work and how they will change enterprise IT.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been trying to make its way into enterprises’ core strategies for over 60 years, yet, only now it is starting to really become widely regarded as a solution to help with the digital side of the business.

The market for AI systems is poised for a CAGR of 56.1% until 2024. According to research company Tractica, this market will reach $11.1bn by then, up from 2016’s $300m. Forming part of this AI revolution are neural automation practices.

According to Dr. Harrick Vin, VP of Digitate and neural automation company Ignio, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture: “Most enterprises today are starting to use technology to transform their businesses but the designed technology is itself very manual, it uses a lot of people.”

AI Business

Introducing ‘ignio’: Professor Harrick Vin of TCS April 29, 2016

AIBusiness met with Professor Harrick Vin, Vice President and Global Head of Digitate, a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) venture.
At The AI Summit in London on 5 May, Harrick will discuss approaches to scaling AI for business operations – not only looking at the challenges businesses face when adopting or scaling AI, but also the key benefits that AI can bring to businesses in helping them to innovate and accelerate.

AIBusiness spoke with Harrick to find out his views on AI’s impact on business overall, as well as his vision for Digitate’s new ‘ignio‘ software specifically, looking ahead to his presentation at The AI Summit.

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