Cloudera is the leading platform provider for machine learning, analytics and data management built for the cloud.  The world’s largest enterprises trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems. Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (CDH) is the Hadoop stack of products distributed by Cloudera. ignio primarily uses the following components within CDH.

  • HBase – HBase is used as a NoSQL data store that runs on top of HDFS for large volume metrics, transactions and log data.
  • Kafka – Kafka is used as a high throughput, low latency message exchange product.
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) – HDFS is a distributed file system which is highly fault tolerant and is used by HBase server components. Ignio doesn’t have any direct API’s with HDFS.
  • Zookeeper – Zookeeper is primarily used as a coordination service like naming, configuration management, synchronization and group services. This coordinates, communicates and shares state between the HBase master and HBase region servers. Zookeeper is also used by Solr for managing Solr schema and also by Kafka for electing controllers. Ignio however doesn’t have any direct API’s with Zookeeper.

ignio™ leverages Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub as part of the Data Fabric within the ignio system. Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub brings unmatched scalability and performance to the ignio system and enhances ignio’s capability to handle voluminous metrics, transactions, and logs for large enterprises.

As part of this partnership, ignio is now certified through the Cloudera Certified Technology Partner Program.