Feeling the Momentum from Gartner’s Data Center Conference

We at Digitate hope that everyone who attended the Gartner Data Center event in Las Vegas felt as inspired and exhilarated as we did. It was a feast of thought leadership and bold insights on the fast-arriving digital enterprise transformation. Those of us who are focusing on the promise got plenty of fuel to drive our momentum. We’re excited that ignio is at the forefront of this sweeping digital ecosystem, helping customers embrace the agility they need to thrive in an era of exploding data, hyper-demanding service levels, and relentless pressure for smart, informed decision-making.

In case you missed it Dr. Harrick Vin, spoke at the Gartner Conference on “How AI is Disrupting the World of Enterprise IT.” Here are a few highlights:

Dr. Vin made the point that technology and enterprise business operations are still very manual—with many layers and siloes, and a heavy reliance on people and tacit knowledge. That’s why retailers lose business while recovering from web site failures, companies take days to onboard employees; financial services firms struggle to introduce rapid change; and IT relies on intuition to triage and resolve incidents—with 80-90 percent of MTTR spent in locating the cause. Firefighting takes the place of proactive planning amid complex multiple technologies and platforms—all under growing pressure to reduce costs.

Cognitive automation addresses these problems with three types of intelligence: becoming context aware (recognition); deriving inferences and actionable insights (reasoning); and performing activities without instructions (operative).

This intelligence is precisely what Digitate’s ignio brings to enterprise IT. With its capability to be unified, self-learning, predictive, and corrective, ignio can reduce SLA violations and business outages by 90 percent, and shrink the time required for planning and operational activities by another 90 percent—and that’s just the beginning!

You’re invited to explore how ignio is able to master these perennial challenges and set an enterprise on the route to unprecedented agility and the many other benefits of AI in this rapidly advancing digital era.

We’d like to thank everyone who visited with us at the show and encourage you to stay in touch. Bring us your questions and challenges; we’re here to help you win.

Speaking of winning, congratulations to the lucky five who captured an Amazon Echo in our drawing:

–   Jim P. of Children’s Hospital & Clinics of Minnesota
–   John M. of General Dynamics Mission Systems
–   David B. from Tennessee Valley Authority
–   Rich F. from Toyota Motor Credit
–   Andrew O. from Wells Fargo

We hope our speaking session ignited your enthusiasm to explore ignio in your own IT organization and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!