ignio™ is One !

Today, we are celebrating the 1st birthday of ignio, the world’s first enterprise cognitive system that liberates human ingenuity and empowers enterprises and you to do more!

ignio™ was born on June 4, 2015, gifted with 30 years of IT infrastructure management expertise. During the first year, ignio™ has developed extraordinary abilities to sift through vast volumes of data inundating IT environments to self-learn enterprise context, derive actionable insights, and drive smart decisions. ignio™ has also acquired new expertise to perform actions on several different and emerging IT infrastructure technologies.

By blending contextual intelligence with automation, ignio™ has demonstrated remarkable abilities to:

Triage and self-heal IT incidents automatically without explicit instructions;
Predict anomalies and take proactive actions;
Assess the impact of any changes in the enterprise context; and
Assist in making complex business and technology strategy decisions through automated exploration of the options and derivations of business case.
ignio™ has also accomplished some amazing feats with customers. Here are just a few highlights:

Fortune 500 enterprises are already relying on ignio™ for their IT operations.
ignio™ is intelligently managing over 600,000 infrastructure resources including servers, storage, databases, network, and more.
ignio™ is saving over $20,000,000 in productivity, currently being wasted on identifying, repairing, and recovering from infrastructure incidents.
Find out more about cognitive systems and ignio, listen to our joint webinar with IDC here.