ignio™ AIOps

ignio™ AIOps

Cognitive automation and unique pre-built knowledge allows ignio to solve your IT challenges. Identifying root causes of problems in minutes instead of hours or days, ignio adds business value from day one. It also frees up your IT team’s valuable time by automating routine tasks without scripting nor pre-programming and allows them to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce time needed to identify probable causes of outages from hours or days to minutes
  • Intelligently automate a complete IT workflow
  • Mitigate risks and predict outages

Check out the ignio AIOps product sheet and recorded webinar for more information.


Understanding business context is critical for an IT team to add business value. Because ignio comes with pre-built knowledge of IT technology and infrastructure, it only needs to focus on learning a company’s unique problems and needs.


Blueprint is a process where ignio maps out the relationships of nodes, application functions, infrastructure components and business operations within the enterprise environment. This is as simple as a topology for a single multi-tier application and as comprehensive as a 360-degree view of the entire IT environment. ignio automatically updates relevant systems when changes are made, allowing IT to always operate with the most up-to-date intelligence.

Normal Behavior Characterization

Once ignio has built an initial Blueprint of the environment, it begins to establish a baseline temporal spatial view of these entities. It sees and learns the health of the underlying systems in a multi-dimensional view, capturing how each entity behaves on a particular time of the day, week, month, and quarter.

ignio comes pre-built with IT infrastructure knowledge where it knows from day one which entities to capture data. IT can also define entities that are not part of the pre-built knowledge to easily extend ignio to other applications.

Continuous Learning

ignio learns by integrating data from a wide range of data sources including configuration management database (CMDB), IT service management (ITSM) tools, monitoring and event management tools, standard technology platform logs, and more. ignio continues to gain insights over time resulting in increased accuracy in identifying root causes and resolving issues. The ignio platform allows the community to create new knowledge that helps accelerate and enhance ignio learning to an even greater degree.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Whether it’s middleware, networking, operating systems, databases, and more, ignio readily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure and applications. This key capability allows ignio to begin working immediately in your environment. In addition, this ensures that you will continue to benefit from your existing IT investments.


ignio constructs an end-to-end automation workflow by assembling a series of actions from its inventory of skills.

Intelligent Root Cause Identification

ignio can intelligently identify root cause in a matter of minutes compared to potential hours or even days. When an outage occurs, ignio leverages the Blueprint and Normal Behavior Characterization data to automatically search for the problematic areas. ignio starts from the top of the technology stack and queries whether the various entities are functioning normally compared to the metrics captured during the normal stage. This checking is performed continuously until the root causes are identified.

Aggregate, Correlate and Prioritize Events & Alerts

IT gets a high number of alerts as a result of static thresholds set in the various monitoring systems. ignio prioritizes alerts that can have an immediate negative impact on the business. It understands how alerts from different monitoring systems are associated with the root cause and therefore suppresses the unnecessary alerts. This prevents the IT team from getting overwhelmed with a plethora of redundant alerts.

Anomaly Detection

Most monitoring tools are designed to notify you when the system exceeds thresholds that were set. These tools are unable to identify potential irregularities that should result in system outages. ignio utilizes multiple algorithms and techniques to identify system behaviors that deviate from how they perform normally, thus notifying you of potential issues.

Take Autonomous Action

ignio can function autonomously to fix incidents without the need for explicit instructions. This process addresses a common problem with automation scripts in which they simply fail when faced with an unknown state. Thus requiring IT to spend countless hours troubleshooting the automation mechanism itself.

You can create unique automation workflows with ignio for your environment to take on different tasks in your environment. This can be as simple as performing a system reset or as complex as a full end-to-end process that includes validation of completed tasks.


Modeling out complex scenarios, ignio gives you insights on potential impacts before actual implementation. It also alerts you to impending outages, allowing you to take remedial actions ahead of time.

Prevents Failures through Scenario Simulations

Based on data captured from multiple data sources over time, ignio is up to 90% accurate in simulating potential issues at any given point. IT can introduce complex variables to simulate various business and technology changes to assess impacts. What used to take a few weeks to accomplish will now take ignio less than two hours. This gives you an advantage against the competition by promptly adapting to the ever-shifting business reality.

Predicts Potential Performance Risks

Based on historical data, ignio models out the performance and capacity usage of the various nodes. It conducts trending analysis to determine potential performance risks and likely service level agreement (SLA) violations.

In addition to pre-defined parameters that is used by ignio, you can also set additional entities that produce performance metric data for ignio to monitor.