ignio™ for SAP

Businesses running SAP often rely on it as the core of their operations. This exposes them to a high degree of risk when problems occur—making it crucial to ensure that SAP runs effectively around the clock, from the platform to database and network connections. This is especially challenging given the cost and complexity of its daily operations, as SAP integrates and interacts with multiple systems within your environment and across your external business ecosystem.

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SAP specialists experience key pain points including:

  • Process delays caused by a high turnaround time for service resolution. This results in part from the distribution of necessary skills, including both business process and technical expertise, in separate silos across the enterprise.
  • Lack of visibility. This leads to missed or failed critical tasks that can have a negative impact on the business.
  • Reactive problem response. Lacking the appropriate tools to anticipate and proactively solve problems, teams often become aware of issues only after they have affected operations.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce transactional errors
    ignio for SAP reduces IDoc transaction errors by 40% by automatically resolving tickets that would typically rely on manual resolution, eliminating the need for time-consuming and inefficient communication between various SAP module and functional specialists.
  • Reduce resolution delays
    An extensive library of pre-built SAP Basis management tasks lets you automate over 50% of crucial tasks, reducing overall MTTR (mean time to resolution).
  • Improve SAP Basis Management
    Weekly releases of OSS notes by SAP make patching a time-consuming task. ignio simplifies this process by filtering out unnecessary or invalid updates as well as prioritizing notes that have critical business impact—saving your operations teams hours of labor.

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ignio learns your business across business, functional, and technical layers

SAP Blueprint


ignio for SAP begins by learning your business and creating a unified, real-time enterprise view. This Blueprint process identifies relationships across business, functional, and technical layers as well as across modules (e.g. Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management).

ignio Blueprint addresses a key factor in error resolution delays: the lack of transparency across independently functioning layers and module, which forces specialists within each domain to come together and play detective for every problem—a time-consuming and staff-intensive process.


ignio resolves issues involving Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, and IDocs within minutes

Idoc health check 1

IDoc Error Resolution

Most SAP applications rely on IDocs as a means of communication between SAP and other systems. Although used on a daily basis, IDocs can be difficult for a functional specialist to understand due to their technical nature. When an error occurs, as happens 500 – 1,000 times on a typical day, the functional specialist would need to contact an SAP technical specialist, who would then need to ask a business specialist for assistance. This manual process causes delays that can last for days.

ignio for SAP reduces IDoc transaction errors up to 40% by automatically resolving tickets that would typically rely on manual resolution. The solution’s intelligence lies in its ability to prioritize IDoc tasks based on business-critical factors and financial impact. Going beyond monitoring and prioritizing IDocs, ignio for SAP also automatically fixes data inconsistencies and processes them where possible. A convenient IDoc check dashboard provides additional insights to easily assess your situation. From monitoring to processing to archival, ignio for SAP provides a complete solution for IDoc management.

Basis Management

Basis administrators are responsible for numerous responsibilities, from performing regular backups and upgrades to the SAP system, to constantly monitoring the runtime environment of database, OS, and user operations activities. ignio for SAP helps Basis administrators work more efficiently by simplifying the often time-consuming installation of patches, which are released weekly by SAP in the form of OSS notes. By filtering out unnecessary or invalid upgrades as well as prioritizing notes that have critical business impact, ignio for SAP provides insight into what needs to be done, and when—saving your operations teams hours of work.


In addition, ignio leverages an extensive library of pre-built SAP Basis management tasks to automate over 50% of crucial activities such as resetting username and password. By automating manual Basis processes, ignio for SAP helps reduce downtime and delivers a positive business impact from day one.



ignio prevents errors by actively managing your SAP environment

Notes Criticality 1


In a constantly changing environment, manually managing SAP configurations can lead to errors that result in serious lapses in security, compliance, or quality. By automating critical configurations within the core of the ERP Central Component (ECC) and performing 24×7 compliance checks according to specific organization and industry standards, ignio improves system security and mitigates operational risk. ignio can reduce your configuration and compliance concerns with:

  • Management of master data updates and configuration changes
  • Over 50 Technical Layer Basis compliance checks
  • Over 150 Functional Layer compliance checks in Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution, and Materials Management

Capacity Prediction and Planning

ignio helps you plan ahead by effectively managing work process utilization. The solution applies normal behavior and predictive analytics to recommend, in real-time, an appropriate number of work processes in proportion to the number of SAP users to stabilize and reduce dialogue response times and overall MTTR.