Banking and Financial Services

ignio™ Streamlines Batch Processing, Calculates ‘What-If’ Impacts, and Reduces Latency for High-Performance IT

ignio’s cognitive automation is what today’s banks and financial institutions need to manage their massive volumes of data traffic, complex regulatory compliance, and diverse global customers. ignio eliminates manual work by using proactive fixes for anomalies and determines their root causes. The capabilities that it brings to batch processing are a true efficiency breakthrough for this demanding environment.

Transforming high-volume, high-speed processes from challenge to competitive advantage

To succeed in an era of intensifying competitive pressure and digital transformation, financial services organizations must perform flawlessly at unprecedented scale while keeping pace with increasingly complex regulatory mandates.

One challenge has long been familiar to financial services IT and has remained largely unaddressed: batch processing. Although an organization depends on running vast numbers of jobs each day, there are too many ways for them to go wrong— and they can only be fixed  through reactive, incident-by-incident measures that waste valuable resources while delaying important business processes. ignio makes it possible to manage, simplify, and speed batch processing at unprecedented levels.

The new generations of trading systems, with their blistering speeds, high transaction volumes, and huge footprints, pose another problem. They demand resilience—and scaling anomaly detection to such levels has posed a major challenge, leaving organizations vulnerable to a critical and costly failure. To counter these issues, ignio’s cognitive automation and data-driven analytics empower proactive anomaly detection, overcome the hindrance of monitoring noise, and solve latency issues once thought intractable.

Transparent, error-free batch processing ensures seamless operations

With huge volumes of jobs running day and night—easily numbering in the millions over a matter of days—batch processing is business-critical yet daunting.

Typically, all significant business units run batch constantly on the mainframe. Regular activities— such as updating accounts, changing status, and submitting reports to regulatory agencies within a narrow timeframe— are a challenge. For one, batch load timing varies greatly, from daily to weekly to quarterly. Also, the fragmented view adds to further complexity: quite often no single IT staff member knows how all batch jobs are constructed or correlated. And lastly, calculating the impact of changes within workload streams causes uncertainty as it is impossible to predict how batch alignments will behave under the new and often more stressful conditions.

Using state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques, ignio leverages the power of what-if simulation to enable IT to predict the impact of an action and take any necessary steps to maintain organized, optimized batch processing. It also serves as an intelligent command center that delivers visibility and transparency.

Root cause detection quickly resolves “bully-victim” and “noisy neighbor” latencies

Two of the most notorious latency scenarios in IT are the bully-victim and noisy neighbor effects. Bully-victim occurs when hundreds of servers are working on a given disk, and one server’s significantly higher number of read-writes begin to clog the disk writer. The resulting latency slows down vast numbers of other servers (the “victims”) and chaos ensues as intense efforts are launched to find the culprit server amid relentless noise.

As a form of anomaly-detection, bully-victim can be solved through ignio’s root-cause identification capability. Similarly, the noisy neighbor effect occurs when an application uses increased computing power due to increased trade volumes. This can slow down another set of applications as compute-intensive systems battle for the same underlying disk. Identifying the noisy neighbor is a dreaded task in a financial environment characterized by heavy traffic and churn.

ignio’s ability to solve bully-victim and noisy neighbor situations before they cause destructive latencies lifts a tremendous burden from the near-petabyte level environments of financial organizations.

Why ignio for Banking and Financial Services?


ignio supports data-driven decision-making by enabling IT to discover and mitigate the effect of changes on downstream jobs and business units or processes before those changes are actually made. The solution first creates a knowledgebase of the IT environment to understand the context of each batch job and its relationship to other workloads. When a customer is planning a change to any batch job, ignio can create a scenario displaying the impact of that change in relation to other jobs, then recommend steps for mitigation, helping IT save time and cost while reducing risk.


From the moment of deployment, ignio begins gathering data from multiple sources on the applications in the environment and their interdependencies. The solution leverages pre-built knowledge, groundbreaking cognitive capabilities, and technology expertise from Digitate to find anomalies quickly, even amid the substantial noise of a financial institution’s IT department.

Root-cause analysis

When an anomaly occurs, ignio automatically conducts root-cause analysis to troubleshoot the problem. Having already self-learned the normal state for the IT environment, ignio immediately and granularly examines all components and resources to search for relevant anomalies. Once it has identified the issue, ignio alerts the team and proactively fixes the problem.

Robust Technology

ignio is engineered for the most intensive environments, such as in banking and trading, to enable IT to perform an entire batch process within minutes. Unlike robotics or automation, ignio maps to the way humans think; once it understands a particular task it will work to optimize its function.

The tasks include eliminating redundant alerts in a noisy environment, predicting future system behavior, and providing a single point of control for pressured IT staff.

Compliance support

By logging all relevant information, ignio captures the complete audit trail necessary to meet the increasingly complex regulations imposed on the banking and financial services industry. Its cognitive automation also enables IT to keep pace with massive volumes of data traffic while maintaining the high performance demanded for competitive success.