Consumer Goods

The ignio™ Cognitive Automation Platform Streamlines IT Management for CPG Companies with Anomaly Detection, Supply Chain Resilience, and Seamless Warehouse Management

ignio opens a new era of cognitive automation for the CPG sector, optimizing and automating the IT operations environment. With its ability to conduct rapid and even proactive detection and resolution of anomalies, ignio supports a resilient, reliable supply chain, ensuring that any problems will have little to no impact on timeliness and information flow.

Artificial intelligence transforms CPG efficiency and agility

As the consumer packaged goods industry gears up to meet increasing customer demand, the potential for profit will be heavily dependent on operational performance. IT will play a crucial role as companies seek to aggregate and analyze more data in order to respond more effectively to market trends and customer preferences.  While technology continues to drive radical changes in consumer behavior, CPG companies must evolve and adapt. Smartphones, online purchasing, and social media have fostered a culture of round-the-clock commerce and immediate gratification— which has placed a demand for swift order fulfillment. To compete for customers and earn their loyalty, companies must make every part of their supply chain more agile, efficient, and resilient.

ignio cognitive automation enables CPG companies to transform their operations for a new era. Powered by the latest advances in artificial intelligence, cognitive automation makes it possible to increase visibility into supply chain management and streamline the flow of goods to the consumer. Minimizing idle inventory and expensive delays caused by anomalies and miscommunications, cognitive automation brings new intelligence to IT systems—and better performance to the business.

Building a resilient, reliable supply chain

CPG companies invest millions of dollars in supply chain systems—yet remain vulnerable to anomalies that could disrupt production and distribution. To control product quality, inventory levels, timing, and cost, companies must track and monitor systems closely for signs of trouble.

Composed of a myriad of moving parts, warehouses and distribution centers are the cornerstone of moving products and dispatching orders. Warehouse management systems (WMS) typically rely on handhelds like radio data terminals (RDT) or mobile devices to carry out barcode scanning and confirm accurate loading of products on the transport. This scanning system tends to be a typical point of failure. For example, if it goes down or loses connectivity with the WMS backend, operations grind to a halt—trucks are idled, packages are stalled, and retail outlets are left waiting for inventory. Each passing minute translates into lost revenue and damaged business relationships—and the hours or days IT must spend detecting or repairing failures could spell disaster.

ignio helps CPG companies keep business-critical front- and backend systems running efficiently so that your supply chain maintains resilience. From the moment it is deployed, ignio learns the context of your technology environment—its infrastructure, applications, and the ways they operate and interconnect—in order to proactively detect and prevent potential anomalies. Any anomalies that do occur are analyzed for root causes and resolved in near-real time, ensuring that schedules will be met and your supply chain will flow uninterrupted.

Averting downtime with proactive resolution

Fully operational from the day of deployment, ignio’s self-learning engine immediately discovers your business context. The solution’s unique Blueprinting capability uncovers application interdependencies and gives ignio unprecedented visibility—a deep, 360-degree view of your entire IT environment that automatically updates when changes occur, so you always have the most recent intelligence. Having self-learned the normal baseline behavior and functions of all components, ignio instantly senses the potential emergence of an anomaly and proactively alerts IT to the issue.

Sitting above the infrastructure, ignio’s layer of granular intelligence integrates with your instrumentation layer. On detecting an anomaly, ignio quickly identifies all IT components showing that behavior and then notifies the IT team for corrective action and fast resolution. It can also automate in real-time both the steps needed to fix the problem—without requiring detailed nor explicit instructions for each incident— as well as health checks and diagnostics.

Why ignio for CPG?

The digital era is already transforming the supply chain. Now ignio takes the evolution a step further with AI innovation. CPG companies can empower their IT teams to fortify supply chains and meet the transport, logistics, and communication challenges of products from big-box items to fresh produce and perishables. By putting the power of cognitive automation to work, IT can dramatically improve performance, reduce cost, and shift to a more strategic role in the success of the business.


The management of a global supply chain is a 24/7 matter—and when problems emerge, every second counts. ignio enables IT to detect anomalies and other problems faster so you can respond quickly and keep your supply chain flowing. As supply chains become more complex, ignio enables IT to maintain visibility across the entire IT environment for reliable, accurate, and real-time tracking at both local and global levels.

Competitiveness and customer satisfaction

Supply chain operations have a potentially critical impact on a CPG company’s competitive performance, playing a central role in satisfying or disappointing the consumer. By helping optimize warehouse management and proactively eliminate anomalies, ignio provides a strong foundation for long-term success.

Ensuring in-store availability

A thriving business relies on getting products to their destinations in a timely manner. ignio’s ability to perform the right action at the right time helps optimize this process while speeding replenishment, reducing outages, lowering storage costs, and minimizing waste.

Managing risk

With customers highly reliant on deliveries, ignio helps CPG companies fulfill their contractual commitments and prevent empty shelves. ignio’s supply chain support enables schedule adherence and lead-time compliance—instead of delays caused by anomalies in the warehouse management system or other areas.