Are disparate independent schedulers preventing you from getting a complete picture of your business? Are your workloads failing but you don’t know why?

Find out how ignio™ can help.

EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation: Q4 2017

Now is the time to evaluate how cognitive capabilities such as the ignio solution can transform those systems without having to WLA products continue to mature and adapt with the changing IT operations and broader digital business landscape. This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) RADAR report summary identifies the fourteen leading WLA platforms in 2017 and grades them against a broad range of measurements to determine overall product strengths and cost efficiencies.

WLA Enrichment products, such as ignio for Batch ™, that add significant value on top of schedulers and can keep your batch jobs running smoothly are also covered.

Read this report for an overview of the WLA platform vendors and insight into the key trends affecting the market. And learn how tools such as ignio can give you a comprehensive view across job schedulers, streamline batch processing, calculate “what-if” and “if-what” impacts, and reduce latency for high-performance IT.