Eliminate Workload Automation Guesswork with Machine Learning

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, and Jayanti Murty, Technology Evangelist from Digitate, for a webinar to discuss the impact of machine learning on managing workload automation.

ignio simplifies complexity so that enterprises stay ahead of innovation.

Automation and AI: Superheroes in Disguise?

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Cognitive automation
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“… the continuous focus that ignio demonstrates to tackle IT challenges, such as support for SAP, will help to further advance the field of artificial intelligence in businesses.”

– Dave Schubmehl, Research Director for Cognitive/AI Systems at IDC

ignio Intelligent Automation

The inherent problems with traditional automation or robotic process automation is that they are unable to adapt to frequent changes in their environment due to the highly deterministic nature of…

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The Rise of a Chief Automation Officer

In order to avoid being disrupted or becoming obsolete in the near future, businesses are rushing to adopt digital business strategies. According to Tom Koulopoulous, author and founder of the…

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May the IT continuity be with you: What Star Wars can mean for tech

The economic value of uninterrupted and fast IT service cannot be undervalued. For example, an internet that’s twice as fast would translate to a 0.3% rise in U.S. economy growth alone. Many…

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