Eliminate Workload Automation Guesswork with Machine Learning

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, and Jayanti Murty, Technology Evangelist from Digitate, for a webinar to discuss the impact of machine learning on managing workload automation.

ignio simplifies complexity so that enterprises stay ahead of innovation.

Automation and AI: Superheroes in Disguise?

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Cognitive automation
solution for enterprises

“… the continuous focus that ignio demonstrates to tackle IT challenges, such as support for SAP, will help to further advance the field of artificial intelligence in businesses.”

– Dave Schubmehl, Research Director for Cognitive/AI Systems at IDC

ignio Intelligent Automation

ignio introduces a new paradigm to for automation. There’s no scripting involved. The inherent problems with traditional automation or robotic process automation is that they are unable to adapt to…

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ignio™ Wins Award for First Use of Machine Learning Within the Workload Automation (WLA) Analytics Industry

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Identifies ignio for Batch as an Industry Leader in WLA Radar Summary Report SANTA CLARA l MUMBAI , April 27, 2018: Digitate, a software unit of…

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AI Pioneer Digitate Unveils Employee Engagement Survey

New Digitate Research Sheds Light on How Onboarding Experiences Can Impact Businesses’ Employee Retention and Bottom Lines SANTA CLARA, APRIL 30, 2017: Digitate, a software unit of Tata Consultancy Services…

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90-95% reduction in time to triage and resolve an incident

Over $20,000,000 saved in productivity

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