The Last Jedi

Could AI be the Force that IT has been seeking all these years to better run their infrastructure?


Cognitive automation
solution for enterprises

“… the continuous focus that ignio demonstrates to tackle IT challenges, such as support for SAP, will help to further advance the field of artificial intelligence in businesses.”

– Dave Schubmehl, Research Director for Cognitive/AI Systems at IDC

ignio Intelligent Automation

The inherent problems with traditional automation or robotic process automation is that they are unable to adapt to frequent changes in their environment due to the highly deterministic nature of…

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May the IT continuity be with you: What Star Wars can mean for tech

The economic value of uninterrupted and fast IT service cannot be undervalued. For example, an internet that’s twice as fast would translate to a 0.3% rise in U.S. economy growth alone. Many…

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Up-and-Coming Tech of the Year: Democratized AI

AI is poised to expand throughout all aspects of business operations and daily life, yet it must first counter a limited workforce capable of developing the technology.

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90-95% reduction in time to triage and resolve an incident

Over $20,000,000 saved in productivity

It’s possible with ignio™

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